How To Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors During Bad Weather

Why keep your dog entertained? Well, for one thing, bored dogs get into trouble!

Remember us humans are their main source of entertainment, so keeping them busy means they don’t have to come up with their own entertainment. Keeping them entertained, on bad weather days especially, helps to avoid chewed shoes and bites out of furniture. Playing with them not only creates a great bond between you and your furry guy, but without a doubt, decreases the chance of them being destructive.

Here are a few Ideas!

  • Play hide and seek with them.
  • Hide some treats around the house and give them praise when they find them.
  • As they develop a keen sense for this game, you can make it harder for them to find the treats, but keep their interest and don’t make it too hard. It’s a fun game after all.
  • Help them develop with mental stimulation. Hide a treat that they love under one of three cups. Turn them around and mix them up. Let you furry guy find the cup with the treat and sing his or her praises for being so clever.
  • If like us your dog loves to carry things around then they will love to help out around the house. Play with them and get them to help carry the shopping to the kitchen or better still fetch and bring you your slippers. Teach them this trick and your friends will be suitably impressed.
  • Most dogs love peanut butter. Make sure, like us, you only use all natural peanut butter, with absolutely zero sweeteners or preservatives in. Fill a hoof or chew toy end with peanut butter and freeze it. Once frozen, give to your dog. This will most certainly keep them entertained, whilst you can sit back and relax (with the slippers on your feet brought by your faithful friend).
  • It’s important to socialise your dog, so let him or her have friend over for a play date. Let them play and have fun together. Have a birthday party for them. Everyone loves a good party, including your dog. Have a cake and some goodie bags for the pooch guests. Not only will the dogs love it, but you’ll have fun too, because they are so happy – plus, you will have one tired out pooch at the end of the day.

Quick Tip

For a quick perfect paw tip, rub some Vaseline into their pads just before going out. It helps to protect them from nasty outdoor elements and also great for moisturising them after a big rub down.

Lastly, make time for your dog.  Grooming, engaging, playing and treats are all just part of the fun of the privilege of owning and caring for our animals.

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