Pawsome ‘Pawty’ Ideas Your Dog & Pals Will Love!

Want to host the pawfect party for your dog and pals?

Even if you don’t know the exact day of your pooches birthday, you can always celebrate their ‘rescue’ or ‘adoption’ day, you can even have a ‘Bark-Mitzvah’!


To get the party started consider the following:

  • A guest list. Make a list of who you are inviting. If there are kids coming too, ensure they are all okay with animals.
  • A pet friendly cake. Every good party needs a cake. Make sure it is a big enough cake for all the precious fur balls to have a slice or two. Have a candle on the top and have everyone (dogs included) sing Happy Birthday to the birthday woofer.
  • A selection of treats. Remember some dogs may be intolerable to wheat, so you may need some gluten free options.
  • Costumes. Funny dress up gear. Make sure you dress up the birthday pooch. Princess or Prince outfits look adorable. The ladies always need a tutu and tiara and the men, a crown! Hold a competition for the best dressed woofer (and owner!)
  • Party Hats. What’s a party without a funny hat!
  • Party Pup Cakes to nibble on. Lavishly decorate a buffet table with scrumptious doggie delights. Pup Cakes, Lolly Pups, treats are all yummy things they will love. We can make personalised treats to go at each pooches place at the table. Like an edible place setting.
  • Decor. Banners and balloons. Go all out and offer the guests doggie print napkins and paper plates
  • Poop bags – best have these handy 🙂
  • Goody bags for the guests to take home. At the end of every successful ‘Pawty’ is a Pawty Goodie Bag. Have personalised treats inside for each of the dogs to enjoy at home. Plus you can add a Lolly Pup or two.
  • Lastly, don’t forget about your human guests! Better have some nibbles and beverages for them too :).


Party Games

  • Get your hula on! Beg, borrow and steal some hula hoops and place them on the ground. Have one less than the amount of dogs you have at the party. Play some doggie tunes and dance around with your dog (on a lead). Once the music stops, get your dog into the hoop. Last dog in the hoop wins.
  • ‘Simon Says’ is a great game to keep them pooches entertained. Adapt it to suit the doggies – try and make them follow some funny moves. Its a fun game to challenge them and train at the same time.
  • Have some balls and frisbees on hand for that ever lasting game of fetch and play.
  • Hide some treats around the garden and play ‘Hide and Seek’ with the doggies.
  • These are all great stimulation games and will be sure to see some happy, but tired, dogs at the end of the pawty.  Make sure to have some prizes on hand for the game winners (and don’t forget the non game winners too – everyone wins!)

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