Has Your Dog got Dental Problems?

Common Dog Tooth Problems

Vets agree that over 85% of dogs over the age of 4 years have some kind of dental issue. These can include cracked or loose teeth, abscesses, rotting teeth and infections. You may only begin to discover these things, if your dog starts struggling to eat.

Other noticeable symptoms include:

  • Bleeding gums and blood on chew toys
  • Red Gums
  • Bad Breath
  • Your dog not wanting you to touch their head
  • Unusual lumps and bumps in the mouth

If you suspect or notice any of these symptoms, take your pooch and head along to your local vet for a quick and easy check up. Having a sore mouth is no joke for any furry guy.

Your dogs teeth, over time, may develop a build up of Tartar. This can be easily removed at home, by giving them chew toys and hard treats, which will take a lot of the build up off. You can also brush your dogs teeth, on a daily basis, just like us humans do everyday. Start off slowly and gradually build up the time each day, as they get used to it. The best time to brush their teeth is when they have been out and exercised, you’ll find the more tired they are, the less resistance they will have to it.

If your precious fur ball loses his or her patience and you only get half the teeth brushed, don’t worry, you can carry on the following day – just remember which half you brushed and which half you didn’t!

Happy Gums, Happy Chums!

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