Moving House With A Furry Feline

We recently moved house, and moved the ‘Barkery’ into a bigger factory, so it’s been a hectic few weeks. We have learnt a few things along the way, though. In particular, we have learnt a lot about moving a cat. Here are some tips that we have found to be very useful, and which may help with your furry friends adjustment to new beginnings…

Tips to help your Furry Friends when Moving

  • Whilst still at your old house, and before the removal people arrive, make sure you lock your animals into a secure room. When all the removals are finished and their room is ready at the new house, only then should you consider moving them.  A cat carrier should be used to transport them, so they are secure.
  • Before you move your animals, ensure that there is a safe and secure room all set up for them at the new house.
  • Make sure there are no open doors or windows that they could possibly escape through.
  • Try keep them in this room for a minimum of two weeks, preferably three. This helps them adjust to their new surroundings.
  • Make sure you have a litter box in the room. If there is more than one cat, you should ideally have one for each animal.
  • Give them attention. Don’t leave them alone and isolated for too long. They will need love and attention.
  • Have all their things in the room that they are familiar with. For example, their bed, blanket, toys, food and water.
  • Have a scratching post for them. It will save your furniture when they start to get restless.


  • Once they start to feel more comfortable, usually after a week or so, start introducing items from around the house into their room.  They will sniff and smell.
  • Shoes are a great thing to leave in the room. Walk around the house and garden in them, so as they can get used to the new smells.
  • After a couple of weeks, take some soil from the garden and mix it into their litter box.
  • Once they are comfortable, and not before three weeks, open the door to their room and let them explore the new house. Make sure all the doors and windows are closed and they are not able to escape outside. Its too early to let them outside still.
  • After another week at least, a month, you can let them explore the garden, but under supervision. Put butter on their paws. This really does work! It will allow them to follow the scent home again.
  • Buy a cat harness and take them for a walk initially around the garden. Allow them time to get used to their new surrounding.
  • Above all, give them lots of love and attention. Play with them and keep them entertained.

Our boy, Mr Choo, AKA Jimmy Choo, AKA Chief Tasting Officer had lived in his house for 15 years, the only house he has even known (until now that is). We were apprehensive to move him, but he’s been amazing. We have followed all these tips and he’s a happy boy. All the cat treats help too!

We received a lot of tips from Sharon’s Foster Furries. Sharon and her helpers do amazing work in rescuing and rehoming those kitties in need.  Find them at and on Facebook, Sharon’s Foster Furries.

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