Travelling with Your Dog?

Travelling with Your Dog? The Festive season can be a hectic time for everyone, including the pooch. Taking them with you is great for you and for them, after all they love a good holiday too.

Follow some of these tips to make it a less stressful experience for them (and you):

  • Anxiety or Motion Sickness troubles? Have some From The Barkery Canna Treats handy. Why? The treats will help them chill for the journey. They calm them, take away the anxiousness they may feel whilst travelling, and work wonders for those pooches and puppies that suffer with car and motion sickness.
  • Exercise them a lot the day before you leave. Why? A tired dog will relax better for the journey.
  • Let them look out the window. If you are driving, let them see out the window. Open the window, just slightly, so as they can smell the air. It keeps them occupied. Don’t open it too wide that they could fall out, and you don’t want them hanging out the window either.
  • Have a tumble drier sheet handy. If you are travelling near thunder storms, run it over their fur, to keep the static at bay.
  • Make sure any medication and information for them is sealed in a water tight bag. You don’t want to have to find a vet last minute, because the dogs meds have got wet! Also, have some baking soda handy – great for bee stings.
  • Keep them hydrated. Place large ice cubes in a bowl for them to lick on
  • Make sure you bring familiar things with you for them to feel at home with. Their bed, blankets and favourite toys are a must. Don’t forget their food and water bowls…oh and a collar and lead!
  • If your are driving a long journey, make it more enjoyable for them and ensure regular breaks. Let them have a blow of fresh air and sniff around on some grass for a bit.

Above all, have a woofalicious holiday, sit back, chill and relax!



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