Dogs & Thunderstorms – 6 Handy Tips To Help Them

Dogs can pick up when a storm is approaching, way before us humans. Thunderstorm phobia is a real thing for them, which they rarely grow out of; in fact, over time, their fears may only grow worse!

One theory that can cause the phobia is the static energy buildup, that comes before a storm. This can cause them to receive shocks. Of course, the wind, rain and lightning doesn’t help them at all. Some dogs only experience the phobia with thunderstorms, others are also frightened of loud noises associated with fireworks and even gun shots.

There is no easy fix to help them, however there are a few remedies that can help relieve them.

6 Tips To Help your Dogs when there is a Thunderstorm

  1. Keep them inside, in one room. Have all the doors and curtains closed (this creates a sense of security for them) and if possible, choose a room with large furniture or objects. This can help with the acoustics and drown out some of the noise.
  2. Wrap your dog up into a blanket, towel or even a sweatshirt. Keep hold of them and apply pressure to the dogs body, almost like a hug. This can make them feel less alone.
  3. Keep taking to your dog in a calming voice; this will give them a sense of security and keep them company.
  4. Keep calm yourself! Try not to act out of the ordinary too much with them, as this may cause them more distress.
  5. If your dog loves treats, try and distract them with food or treats. Make a game from it, to occupy their mind on the food rather.
  6. Hemp products have proven to help relieve their anxieties and a wonderful natural remedy.


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