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How much does the shipping cost?

For shipping within Cape Town and general surrounds R95 (ex VAT) and for the rest of South Africa, R135 (ex VAT). We ship overnight where possible (up to a shoe size box, weighing no more than 2kg).

FTB takes no responsibility for parcels once they have left their facility. Please contact The Courier Guy on Tel: (010) 222 2300 [and After Hours: +27 (0) 76 507 9778] for assistance and have your waybill number ready.  

How long will it take to receive my order once placed?

We get to the orders straight away, however, the icing needs 24 hours to dry.  For all personalised orders, allow at least 24 hours before shipping.  We recommend a minimum of 2 days notice.  If it is urgent, we will try and make a plan.


At the checkout, please mention when you need to receive your order, the dogs name, boy or girl and flavour of treats required

Can I collect my order?

Yes absolutely.  You are welcome to collect from our factory in Westlake, Cape Town.  Just choose this option at the checkout.

What about shipping?

We use The Courier Guy for our deliveries.  Whilst they are generally on time, you just never know if the parcel would get delayed for delivery at any time.  With this in mind, we do recommend that you ask to receive the goodies, at least a day before you need them.  That way, any delivery failures on their behalf, can be accommodated in time.  Once the shipment leaves our factory, we cannot take responsibility.  We will of course do everything we can to assist in any emergency.

Where else can I buy From The Barkery products?

You can buy directly from our website, choose to collect or pay shipping. We also supply to Vets, Vetshops, Deli’s, Checkers, Spar and Pet Stores throughout South Africa.  Please see our website for stockists.

Help! I can’t access the website, I keep getting a 500 error or the website is not loading correctly?

Try Reloading the Page or clear your Browser Cache. Sometimes a dip in the internet connection can cause pages not to load correctly.

CBD Oil, Treats and Other Related FAQs

Why does the colour and thickness of the Hemp Treats change?

The colour changes quite regularly, depending on the colour of the peanut butter.  We only use fresh, all natural ingredients to make all our products and the lightness and darkness of the peanut butter affects the end colour of the biscuits.  We do not mass produce any of our products and hand make in small batches only.  Everything is handmade and therefore does not always come out the same colour or thickness.  Whilst we try our best to make sure they all look the same and same thickness, some variations will happen.  Rest assured though, the 5mg CBD content is the same in each biscuit.

What carrier oil do you use?

We use the highest grade MCT Coconut Oil.

What CBD do you use?

We use 99% CBD Isolate imported from USA.

What Terpenes do we use in our products?


This terpene is responsible for the characteristic scent of lavender and is in varying concentrations also present in numerous other flowers. It is popular for its soothing effect and is most commonly used to treat anxiety. In addition, it also displays anti-inflammatory properties.


This terpene, which has a spicy, woody, peppery scent, is also found in black pepper and cinnamon. Studies indicate that this one small terpene is capable of performing the big job of treating anxiety, depression, and inflammation.


Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes and can be found in almost all varieties of cannabis. It is also present elsewhere in nature, where it, among other things, gives bay leaves, thyme, and parsley their characteristic scent. This terpene is known for its earthy, grassy taste. It has also proved effective in relieving muscle cramps and treating insomnia and is valued for its anti-inflammatory properties.


A frequent terpene with a characteristic citrus scent that is also present in large quantities in lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. Researches show that D-limonene terpene displays antibacterial activityand it has also been associated with inhibiting the development of cancer cellsin clinical studies.


If you enjoy the scent of the pine tree, you can thank the alpha-pinene terpene for it. This terpene is present in almost all varieties of cannabis as well as in rosemary, pine, and many other plants. It is frequently used to open bronchial tubes and to relieve various breathing problems, and studies have shown that it is also effective in treating intestinal problems.


A rose scented terpene which has a variety of medicinal and therapeutic uses as well. It’s a natural antioxidant that has anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties that can be useful in treating many different types of cancer. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help reduce infections.Geraniol has also shown to be effective at inhibiting the growth of certain types of fungus, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and have a lot of potential as a neuroprotectant.

What are Turpenes?

For most of us, the term terpenes is unfamiliar and new, even though we are surrounded by them. They are the substances that affect our senses; they whet our appetite and trigger pleasant emotions, treat certain conditions, they soothe us and cheer us up. Terpenes are the culpritsbehind the pleasant smells that overwhelm the kitchen when we squeeze a fresh orange or open a glass of blueberry jam. They are what makes lavender and roses special.

Terpenes give plants their aroma, taste, and color

Terpenes are chemical compounds, naturally present in plants and they contribute to the plants’ unique taste, smell and color. Scientists have so far identified over 20.000 different terpenes. They are the basic elements in essential oils and are frequently used in food additives, perfumery, and aromatherapy. There is also increasing talk of their medicinal properties in correlation to various health issues.

Hemp contains over 200 different terpenes

In recent years, talk of the positive effects of the hemp plant has become increasingly frequent. More and more scientific studies confirm its effect on skin problems, autoimmune diseases, the immune system, rheumatic diseases, insomnia and other health problems.

Most frequently mentioned active ingredients in cannabis are THC and CBD, with the latter being an active ingredient in industrial hemp and therefore legal for production in certain countries.

In addition to these substances, naturally occurring terpenes represent an important part of the cannabis plant. So far, over 200 different terpenes have been discovered in hemp, and about 60 of them are being closely examined in scientific circles. Research into the effect terpenes have on skin conditions and various health problems is opening new possibilities in the field of treatments with hemp.

Does CBD with terpenes get you high?

Terpenes are not psychoactive like THC is. This means alone, terpenes cannot give you that high feeling.

How do I give my dog the oil?

It is best to squirt the oil directly into the side of his mouth, it will absorb much faster.  If this is not an option, just put the drops ontop of their food, but make sure they eat it all. See how he responds.

How much oil do I give my dog?

This is our dose guideline:

Dog CBD Oil – 300mg CBD, 30ml Bottle, 1ml dropper (10mgCBD)

To be given orally:

<10kg 1/4 dropper, twice a day

10-30Kg 1/2 dropper, twice a day

>30Kg Give 2-3 full dropper, twice a day

Adjust dosage if necessary

How many treats do I give my dog?

We always recommend to start of less and build up to the recommended amount and desired effect.

To be given orally:

<10kg ½ a treat, twice a day

10-20Kg 1 treat, twice a day

20-30Kg 2 treats, twice a day

40kg + – 3 treats, twice a day

How much oil do I give my cat?

We always recommend to start of less and build up to the recommended amount and desired effect.

Cat CBD Oil – 100mg CBD, 20ml Bottle, 1ml dropper (5mgCBD)

1-5mg of oil, per 4.5kg of body weight. 2-3 drops from the dropper, twice a day.

General CBD Dosage Guideline

CBD dosage is calculated by the weight of the animal. For instance, you are not going to treat a small yorkie, the same as you would a great dane.

If you find the dog is abnormally lethargic, then lower the dose or spread it out further throughout the day.  It is perfectly fine to do that.  If you don’t see any improvement, then up the dosage by half a dropper each time.

You just have to find the right dosage for your dog and that can be a trial and error for a couple of weeks, until you see they calm and responding well.

Are your products certified?

Yes, all of our products are made in South Africa, with the exception of the CBD isolate, which we import from USA.  Our CBD products are all certified and carry a Third Party Certificate of Analysis. All our products are tested in the USA. We regularly send our products for testing.

What are the benefits of giving CBD products to my dog?

CBD Pet Tictures and Treats will help to relieve some pain. We have seen wonderful results from our furry clients with pain and inflammation, anxiety, separation anxiety, seizures, epilepsy, cancers, arthritis, skin condition, as well as allergies.

How much CBD is in one treat?

5mg CBD per treat.

Do your treats and Pet Tincture contain THC?

No, none of our products contain any THC.