CBD/Hemp Treats

CBD/Hemp Dog Treats

Why CBD and Hemp?

The healing ability from the use Hemp, is used to help a wide variety of symptoms, which your pet may be experiencing.

Our hemp dog treats are tasty, all handmade in small batches, using only the finest, world class ingredients.

We have found them to be particularly helpful for the following:

Car Sickness


Anxiety (Including Separation Anxiety)






Pain & Inflammation


My puppy struggles with anxiety and motion sickness in the car!! We have tried meds but they didn’t work. We were offered to try a Hemp dog treat from From The Barkery and they have done the trick! Chewy is a much calmer and happier pup in the car! Thank you From The Barkery!
– Kate and Chewy (Cape Town)

I just want to say a HUUUUUGE thank you for the Canna Treats. I collected them this morning, and as soon as I got home, I gave my 2 big boys 2 treats each. I work from home, and fridays are usually the worst as the neighbors kids are making a noise and there is alot of activity in our road which usually sets my boys off, and stresses them out, which leads to them barking non stop….Today they were calm and didnt make a sound. They relaxed on the couch all day and werent bothered with the outside chaos, It was absolute bliss for to me know that they were relaxed and not stressed (nevermind the amount of work I got done) 🙂                                                       – Janine (Cape Town)

I have been using your treats for close to a week now. My two year old Staffy is very very anxious and I can see a huge improvement in his behaviour already. I’ve recommended the product to friends and family. Thank you so much for making them.
– Melanie and Dave the Staffy (Cape Town)

Bought two bags at the constantia gift fair. Didnt think it was going to make a difference to my very itch scratchy furchild . But it works like a charm. I know a new broom sweeps clean but im hoping its going to stay having this affect . One cookie doesnt last the whole 12 hrs like recommended but at least about 8hrs of not itching. So big thumbs up for the hemp cookies. Ally will be a regular customer.
– Ariena (Cape Town)

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