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Have you ever had or known a dog, that’s been in pain, sick or ageing? Perhaps your own pet dog or a friends? Welcome to the wondrous world of CBD oil for dogs.

CBD is making headlines because recent tests have revealed its incredible health benefits. Our own boy Bentley, a beautiful black lab, was diagnosed with a lung tumour and given a couple of weeks to live. In his case chemo and radiation were not an option because of his age (he was 13) and the severity of the disease. We talked in depth to the vet about his options and we decided to start him on the canna oil immediately. We saw fast results in his well being, he wasn’t coughing so much, his coat was shiny and he was a happy boy. Bentley went on to live happily for another 10 months, before the cancer eventually caught up with him. During this time and with the experience gained, we developed the CBD dog treats.…Read More

We saw with our own eyes the benefits of introducing CBD to your dog.

Pure CBD Tincture 100mg CAT

Pure CBD Tincture 300mg DOG

CBD Dog Treats

COA for the Broad Spectrum Cat Tincture

COA for the Broad Spectrum Dog Tincture

COA for our Peanut Butter


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  • Broad Spectrum Tincture 200mg – CAT

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  • Broad Spectrum Tincture 600mg CBD – DOG

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  • CBD Biscuits x 6 Packets (Bulk Buy)

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  • CBD Dog Biscuits (5mg CBD Per Biscuit)

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  • CBD Treats & Pure CBD Tincture (DOG) Duo

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  • Peanut Butter Infused With CBD

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  • Pure CBD Pet Tincture (Cat) (100mg CBD)

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  • Pure CBD Pet Tincture (Dog) (300mg CBD)

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