Broad Spectrum Tincture 200mg – CAT

R320.00 incl. Vat

Our Broad Spectrum Cat Tincture is made using whole plant.

CBD is the predominant compound found in Broad Spectrum Tincture, but you also gain several of the other compounds found in whole plant, which can include CBG and CBN.

The combination of CBD and all the other compounds work together, which maximizes the effect of CBD.

There is no THC in Broad Spectrum CBD.

All our products are formulated with animals wellness in mind and all carry the necessary Certification of Analysis.




Our Broad Spectrum Tincture formulated for cats has a CBD content of 200mg and is made using whole plant.

What are the benefits of giving CBD products to my dog or cat? CBD can be very effective in treating animals with pain and inflammation, anxiety, separation anxiety, seizures, epilepsy, cancers, tumours, arthritis, skin conditions, as well as allergies.

We would recommend this tincture for cats suffering from anxieties, seizures, cancers, tumors, arthritis, skin conditions, allergies, itching and scratching and general ageing and wellbeing.

Do your CBD products contain THC? No, none of our products contain any THC. THC, in large doses, can be toxic to animals.  All of our products are formulated for animals and are not Full Spectrum.

How much Tincture do I give my cat? We always recommend to start off giving less and build up to the recommended amount and desired effect.  Increase the dose if necessary.                                                                  Broad Spectrum Tincture – 200mg CBD, 30ml Bottle, 1ml dropper (10mg CBD)                                                             3-5mg of Tincture, per 4.5kg of body weight. 3-5 drops from the dropper, once a day.

Will my pet get high from taking this product? No, not a chance.  There are zero pyshactive ingredients in our products, therefore making it impossible to get high from any From The Barkery products.

We always recommend informing your Vet that your cat is taking CBD.

A wonderful tincture to care for our furries of the world.

30ml Bottle



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