CBD Pet Tincture (Dog) (300mg CBD)

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Our CBD Pet Tincture is specially formulated for dogs, of all sizes and comes in a 30ml bottle, with a 1ml dropper.

Each bottle contains 300mg of CBD.

We mix our CBD with a nice combination of MCT coconut oil and six different turpenes, specially chosen and formulated to achieve the best results.

It is best given to your dog orally.  Squirt straight into the side of their mouth and it is absorbed into the body quicker.  You can also add it to their food, but you must ensure they eat it.

The dog tincture caps are child proof.  Push down hard on the cap and twist to open.  This will break the safety seal.






Everyday there are new medical discoveries about CBD Hemp.  Hemp and Canna Oils are naturally occurring compounds, present in the plants and derived from the hemp plant.

They are THC free and cause zero psychoactive effects. The healing ability from this oil is used to help a wide variety of symptoms your dog may be experiencing. Including Anxiousness, Pain & Inflammation, Arthritis, Separation Anxiety.

3 reviews for CBD Pet Tincture (Dog) (300mg CBD)

  1. Candice Landsberg (verified owner)

    My lab has changed completely since having this oil, she has arthritis and has been in a lot of pain, not being able to get up on her bed or doing her all time favourite, swimming. She now wags her tail like a puppy, swims when ever she wants and can easily move around…

  2. Clayton Collins

    Love the product but actually so sad that I paid almost twice the price which is on your website 😕 at Pet World Cape Gate.

  3. Taylor Candy

    My two large pups are absolutely thriving on the CBD oil. They both have problems with their legs and our Vet recommended we try this. They hardly ever need pain meds to manage their pain anymore and are both so comfortable!
    Thank you!

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