CBD Treats & Pure CBD Tincture (DOG) Duo


Buy both our CBD Dog Treats and Pure CBD Dog Tincture together and save a few bob!

Have you ever had or known a dog, that’s been in pain, sick or ageing? Perhaps your own pet dog or a friends?Welcome to the wondrous world of CBD for dogs.

CBD is making headlines because recent tests have revealed its incredible health benefits. Our own boy Bentley, a beautiful black lab, was diagnosed with a lung tumour and given a couple of weeks to live.  In his case chemo and radiation were not an option, because of his age, he was 13 and the severity of the disease.  We talked in depth to the vet about his options and we decided to start him on the canna oil immediately.  We saw fast results in his well being, he wasn’t coughing so much, his coat was shiny and he was a happy boy.  Bentley went on to live happily for another 10 months, before the cancer eventually caught up with him.  During this time and with the experience gained, we developed the CBD dog treats.

We saw with our own eyes the benefits of introducing CBD to your dog.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. There are still misconceptions surrounding the incredible herb that leads some people to be unsure about its potential. Questions and answers circulate, leaving pet owners confused at what exactly CBD is.

Here is some of the ways in which CBD can help our furry guys and leave nothing more up to the imagination or miscommunication.

What is CBD and how does it all work?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol oil is a liquid substance derived from the cannabis plant. As it comes from a plant, the oil is all natural and nontoxic.

All the facts & myths of CBD

Some of the questions we are often asked include:

*Will CBD make the dog feel high?

*How safe is it?

*Is it weed?

*Is this legal?

It’s important to understand how the CBD works, so let’s take a look at the plants. Cannabis plants are made up of over 80 different cannabinoids. There are two species of plants, The Hemp and The Marijuana.  Whilst there are many similarities between these plants, including amazing medicinal properties, there are many differences too.

The marijuana plant is most recognized and used for its psychoactive effects. The Hemp plant and the CBD oil derived from the plant, is the non-psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant, meaning that it will not make your dog high.  How? It does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol, or as it’s more commonly known, THC.

 What are the health benefits?

 CBD can ease many symptoms your dog may be experiencing, as well as promote overall well being.

*Anxiety (including separation anxiety)



*Car sickness


*Pain and inflammation


*Itching and Scratching, skin conditions

The good news is, that with this natural supplement, there are no known side effects and the treats can be taken in conjunction with veterinary prescribed medications.

 Can it fight cancer?

Studies have shown that CBD, along with other compounds found in the hemp plant, can have the ability to prevent cancer cells and tumors from growing. CBD strengthens the body’s immune system and responses, therefore eliminating the formation and growth of cancer cells.  The compounds also suffocate the cancer cells, thus blocking them from producing energy and growth.

CBD can be used to supplement conventional

medicines, especially whilst undergoing cancer treatments.  It can help relieve the side effects associated with chemo and radiation, mainly loss of appetite and extreme nausea.

The dosages given are primarily determined by the size and weight of your dog. There is no need to rush the process and you should start off with small doses, leading up to the desired dosage that suits your dog.  In some cases, you may notice excess lethargy and tiredness in your dog, in this case, you can eliminate this, by reducing the dosage.

At the end of the day, we all want the best for our pets.  CBD won’t make them live forever, but in most cases, it can help them be more comfortable, relaxed and above all happy.  In closing, if you have a dog or know of a dog in pain or suffering, try the CBD, it may just help with their life quality and well being.



Our CBD Pet Tincture is specially formulated for dogs, of all sizes and comes in a 30ml bottle, with a 1ml dropper.

Each bottle contains 300mg of CBD.

We mix our CBD with a nice combination of MCT coconut oil and six different turpenes, specially chosen and formulated to achieve the best results.

It is best given to your dog orally.  Squirt straight into the side of their mouth and it is absorbed into the body quicker.  You can also add it to their food, but you must ensure they eat it.


Our CBD treats are tasty, all handmade in small batches, using only the finest, world class ingredients.

Everyday there are new medical discoveries about hemp.  Hemp and Canna Oils are naturally occurring compounds, present in the plants and derived from the hemp plant.

Our treats are rich in CBD Isolate, Terpenes and MCT Coconut Oil. They are THC free and cause zero psychoactive effects. The healing ability from this oil is used to help a wide variety of symptoms your dog may be experiencing.

*5mg of CBD per treat*

*One packet contains 15 biscuits*

*Contains all natural peanut butter – not suitable for peanut allergy sufferers*

Protein   17.9g/Per 100g – Fat 17.8g/Per 100g – Moisture 6.36g/Per 100g – Ash 1.39g/Per 100g – Energy Value 503 kCal/Per 100g – Energy Value 2111 kJ/Per 100g



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