Charcoal, Parsley & Peppermint (Wheat Free)


Something a little bit different for the furry guys.  Don’t get a fright, these yummy treats are not burnt, they are black, due to the activated charcoal in them!

Activated charcoal has wonderful health benefits, not only for humans, but for our furry friends too.  Its good for toxins, bad breath, as well as smelly gas!

Parsley is a natural source of many great vitamins, including Vitamin K, for maintaining healthy blood and liver, Vitamin C for immune support and Vitamin A, for vision and immune health.

All in all, a triumphant biscuit, that’s not only tasty for our furry friends, but healthy too.





Ingredients: Barley Flour, Ground Oats, Activated Charcoal, Ground Parsley, Ground Peppermint, Egg, Olive Oil, Filtered Water, Tapioca Frosting


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