Horse Truffles


At FTB we know a thing or two about horses as well.  We know they like carrots, we know they like apples, we know they like peppermints – so we have taken all this yummy things and made them the most delightful and moreish truffles.

Treat them, your mane friends will be jumping for joy!


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  • Fresh picked produce
  • 125 gr Resealable Bags – keeps the truffles fresh!
  • Yummy flavours that horses love
  • Each truffle is hand rolled and slow baked in small batches for that ultimate yumminess
  • Totally scrumptious for your galloping gourmets


Ingredients: Oats, Dried Carrots, Dried Apples, Molasses, Crushed Peppermint and Flax Seed Oil

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125g, 250g


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