Valentines Mini Pupcakes Trio


Limited Edition Valentines Pupcake Treats

Super cute Valentines Mini Pupcake Biscuits, just for the furry guys.

Spoil the furries with our scrumptious raspberry, beetroot and peanut butter biscuit based mini pupcakes  decoratively iced with our own tapioca frosting and topped with a wooftastic peanut butter heart treato.

Handcrafted, all natural (no nasty stuff) treat biscuits, your furry friends will love this festive season.

3 Mini Pupcakes in a box.

Mini Pupcakes are a crumbly peanut and carob biscuit base, with our own beetroot and raspberry frosting iced on the top.  Frosting will dry hard.






Scrummy Valentines mini pupcake biscuit treats, that your furry friends will love to share with their Valentine.

Composition: Wholemeal Flour, Beetroot, Raspberry, Olive Oil, Carob, Cinnamon, Dehydrated Egg, Tapioca Frosting

3 Mini Pupcake Biscuits of pure poochy yumminess!





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