Chamomile & Honey Bedtime Biscuits


The perfect bedtime treat, especially good to help anxious dogs calm and relax.  Chamomile is know to be one of the most versatile remedies around and has such a broad range of uses.  It is used for gas relieving, anti-inflammatory and amongst others it has mild sedative, which is great for calming your dogs digestive system and help them to sleep better.  Honey is a natural anti oxidant and can help boost your old dogs lethargies.  It also adds a touch of natural sweet goodness and can in theory, help with your dogs allergies, by helping to build up a degree of immunity to pollen.  Brilliant, woof woof!

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  • 100gr Resealable Bags – keeps the treats fresh
  • Naturally sweetened with Honey
  • A natural remedy to help with anxiety and restlessness
  • Each treat is hand cut and slow baked in small batches for that ultimate yumminess.
  • Natural and totally woofalicious


Ingredients: Chamomile Leaves, Honey, Wholemeal Flour, Egg, Olive Oil, Tapioca Frosting and Water

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Original, Gluten Free


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