Caracal Visits The Barkey Bakery

BaboonWe have had some funny furry visitors to the Barkery Bakery, remember the baboon that paid us a recent visit?

This week, we had an amazing Caracal grace us with his presence.

Baking away, we turned around and wowzers there he was staring at us through the window! We did report the encounter to Cape Leopard Trust, as well as The Urban Caracal Project, both agreed the caracal was most likely attracted by the glass.

The Caracal

Caracal looking in

Caracals are distinguished by their lavishly tufted and very long pointy ears. A bit like Dr Spock ears (All you Star Trek fans know who that is!). This one had a lovely reddish colour fur with black and white facial markings.

Caracals are primarily nocturnal and we are rather proud of the fact that he chose to visit us.

He looked well fed and seems his curiosity got the better of him.

We will stick with our version of the story and that’s that he could smell our cat treats baking away and found them irresistible….

Caracal at the door

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How utterly wooftastic!

Ciao for now pawsome pals, Much Love From

The FTB Team x

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