The Perks of Having a Pet and More

Did you know that recent study findings confirm those people who have pets are happier, wealthier and exercise a lot more than those folks who are pet free?

The bonds one develops with a pet, releases the ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain. These chemicals, otherwise known as endorphins, can make you feel calmer and more relaxed when at home looking after your pet.

If you haven’t already, go get yourself a cat or a dog to spoil and feel the calmness sweep over you – after you have run around after them that is!

How awesome pawsome is that! We happen to think they got it right for sure.

Every Pet Needs A Blanket, Don’t They?

Every good pet owner knows that they need a good bed and blanket to nestle into. If, like us, you have dogs who love the water then our blankets will come in handy.  Not only are they made from the finest luxurious fur (fake of course!) on one side, but lovely woolly sheep snuggle up on the other side.  Inside is a waterproofing that matches no other.

You can use the blankets to line their beds, on furniture, your car seats and even take them out with you so the furry guys don’t have to sit on wet grass or a hard, cold floor.  Fully machine washable and they come in three sizes, small (great for your cat or teacup size dog), medium (Labs, Spaniels) and large (Great Dane or small horse!). To learn more about our wooftastic blankets, look for them under pet accessories.

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