An Interview With Our CTO, Jimmy Choo!

For those of you who are not familiar with Jimmy Choo, he is our Chief Tasting Officer, Chief of Staff and well just Chief of Everything, at From The Barkery. We decided to interview him and find out what really makes him tick. Here, you can have some fun, as we share his Q & A.

1 – Are you secretly a Russian Spy?

You know, I’ve been asked this before, many times and what I can tell you is that I spy secretly upon moving things in my garden. I will hide behind the bushes and shrubs and when the time is right, I will move in and catch what I have been spying on. Sometimes I can be on duty for hours and hours, even days. As for a ‘Russian Spy’, well I am a Russian Blue, so does that make me a Russian Spy, maybe…

2 – What excites you?

Food, always food, oh and treats, yes, I love all food and treats. I can hear the russell of the packet from wherever I am. My staff know to keep my cupboard full. Now THAT cupboard excites me!

3 – Do you get fed up with the same food everyday?

Not at all. I love my food and don’t go changing it out for something different all the time, that’s not for me. I don’t like change. I love my surroundings, don’t change a thing.

4 – Who are your favourite people?

Those that feed me of course. My pawrents, (I mean staff) make me happy. They’ve moved into my house, so I make them think I like them. It keeps me entertained, I guess you could say they could be my favourites peoples.

5 – What’s your favourite pastime?

Sleeping obviously. I lurve to sleep. I can sleep all day long…….(slight snoring sound) sorry, I dosed off there. I get woken up sometimes for my tasting duties, but that’s ok, its a favourite pastime. I also love to wake my staff up in the middle of the night, that’s great fun. I do a lot of my playing at night and I feel its only right that the staff know.

6 – How do you cope with the pressure of your job, being Chief of Staff?

You know, it’s not always easy, but I’m the right feline for the job. No-one else can do the job as well as me. I sleep off any pressures that come my way or just hand them over to my staff and they deal with it. Easy peasy, I am too impawtant to have any pressures, that just won’t do.

7 – Do the constant tasting duties get you down, is there anything you don’t like?

That’s two questions in one, but never mind. I don’t like being closed in. I like to be free, do what I please and when I please. Don’t tell me no, it’s not possible, then I may just have to sharpen my purrfect little claws on your bed, at night, when you are sleeping. I do enjoy chomping on treats and having the final say though. Makes all the effort I put in worthwhile.

8 – If you could be anywhere, where would you be?

Right where I am. Love my life. I’m too fabulous to be anywhere else, but right where I am. I have my staff that take care of my every whim, feed me, brush me, tuck me up and give me big cuddles. I love them all, but don’t tell them that.

9 – How old are you really?

I’ll be 17 this year, in feline years. For hoomans that’s 84. I’m still young, pawlicious and purrfect in everyway.

10 – Do you have any retirement plans?

Not at this moment. I may slow down and allow myself an extra treat at some stage, but right now, I’m living and loving my totally catfabulous life. I am of course a superstar, pawlicious pussy cat, who loves attention and gets it.

Jimmy Choo, you are indeed one of a kind and we thank you for giving up some of your precious day for us. Keep being purrtastic precious boy, we love you xxx

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