Peanut Butter Infused With CBD Tincture

Yes, it’s finally here and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. We’ve taken our tincture to the next level and infused it into yummy all natural peanut butter.

Combining the countless health benefits of our CBD Pet Tincture, with the scrumptiousness, that’s peanut butter, means one word – PAWRIFFIC.

The peanut butter is 100% pure peanuts, crushed and churned to make an irresistible smooth and creamy peanut butter and blended with our tincture and hemp seed powder.

It’s got such an incredible shine and tastes amazing. Give it to the woofers (try it for yourself first, of course :)) on a treat, spread it on a piece of bread, mix into their food or just go for it and chomp it straight from the spoon.

It’s runny and scrumptious, stir it and store it in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate it to make it a bit thicker, if you wish. It’s all good.

Each teaspoon full contains 5mg of our very own From The Barkery CBD Pet Tincture.

Goodness in a jar!

We love it and can’t get enough.

It’s available in selected stores and from our website

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